The Power of Choice

Life pushes and pulls.  Its currents stronger than any person could ever hope to be.

The fighting and struggling of trying to force life to flow the way it ‘should.’  Creates so much suffering.  Learning to relax and trust is a life-long process.  The combination of surrender, preparation and accepting the power that exists in choice keep the feelings of being Adrift at bay.

There is no way to predict the moods of the ocean any more than where life will go. Changing the storm is impossible.

The choice to prepare.

The choice to endure.

The choice to grow from the experience.

The choice to change course if needed and seek smoother waters.

These are possibilities.  They are the power.

Getting stuck in the hurricane or listlessness of feeling adrift happens.  To everyone.

Losing sight of the choices.  Never even knowing they existed in the first place.  Not having the desire or being too fearful to claim the power that they provide.  These are the underlying causes for ‘stuck’ and ‘adrift.’

Relaxing into the flow of life. Trusting the power to be gained from choice. Looking for the choices.

There is a navigation system in each of us, waiting to be heard and acknowledged.  The choice to prepare is getting to know and trusting that inner voice.  The choice to endure or change course is trusting.  The choice to grow is being grateful for the storms and the lessons learned.

Difficult times are teachers.  Listening is not the first instinct.  Trust and relaxation not always easy.  Learning is a given.  Every experience has a take-away. Some feeling or thought pattern to associate with it.  These lessons can shore up a sturdy boat or rip apart a fragile one.

The difference is the recognition of choices and the power to make them.



2 thoughts on “The Power of Choice

  1. Great insights and well written. Do you think you can contact my wife and help her see we need to move to Florida?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! That sounds lovely. Thank you so much!


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